Ford Turnaround Success

The turnaround being executed at the Ford Motor Company is beginning to get more and more attention. The transformational changes appear to be real and appear to be sustainable. They look like they could propel Ford to emerge as the US automotive company that is in the best overall shape, as the global automotive industry comes to terms with the new RESET economy.

The marketplace is content with their product offering, the company’s financial results are continuing to improve and the stock price has gone from close to $1 in 2008 to $12 in Oct 2010.

We conducted an extensive study and analysis via a survey with some of the employee base and the insights are truly remarkable.

Can Ford once again ( like they were in the 1930’s) be the ONE BIG US BRAND that others can learn from and follow. At the very least it looks like they are worth a look.

Click here to download a free copy of our study: A Study of the Ford Motor Co: Turnaround 2010.

Please leave your comments with us here. Let us know what you think of what is taking place there. It appears to be pretty exciting from where we are sitting.


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