Getting Moving

Deployment & Execution

All the difficult upfront work of getting unstuck and getting aligned can very easily end up being a waste of time unless : progress is made, the organization is consistently able to execute and results are achieved.

Many companies underestimate the challenges that lie around the deployment stage of and improvement initiative or of a change movement. It is important to recognize that the skill set, systems, processes, along with metrics, review cycles and incentives be very well designed. Deployment needs constant care and feeding if you do not want to have lots of false starts, frustrated employees and disappointed leaders and stakeholders.

We have extensive hands on practical experience (with businesses of $10m Revenue companies to $30B +) of deploying large scale change initiatives and business improvement programs utilizing Lean, Six Sigma, Business Re-Engineering and many more.

Meaningful Accelerated Progress Everyday is the goal and it is possible.

Culture of Winning

Culture is the only truly sustainable competitive advantage. We believe this to be an absolute truth. We have heard countless numbers of executives make that proclamation also. Yet it is our experience that the committed action to achieving a positively differentiating Culture is an all too rare occurrence.

Sometimes companies and exec teams go into dream world, hire a consultant, develop new flowery materials, and drive new internal marketing campaigns. While all this is happening, the organization watches for cues, and continues to behave in old ways that they have learned to work in the past. Too often the espoused new values and articulated desired culture versus the ones in use, are poles apart and people pretend they are not. What a waste of time, energy and resources.

Our team have been students and active practitioners in the domain of Corporate Culture and this work is one of our most passionate endeavors. It begins with understanding the current identity anchors that are within the organization and building upon them to a path of meaningfully creating the desired future. It works, when Execs are committed and when they don’t pretend. When it is fake, sustainable differentiation is the lost opportunity.

Adapting for sustained Results

In today’s Reset Economy Adaptive Capacity is something that can no longer just be something that is read about under Darwin’s theory.

Organizations are essentially living systems and they naturally morph, change and grow depending on the events that occur and how the composition of the group changes. Just as an individual can develop competence or capacity on an individual level, an Organization can develop its adaptive capacity also.

The team at BVG has proprietary workshops and program designs that deliver breakthroughs for an organization’s ability to be able to spin on a dime and rapidly re-orient. It builds confidence so that the Organization can act with speed, without sacrificing good judgment and increasing risk. Decision making processes can be quickly streamlined which along with increased speed can quickly improve competitive positioning.

We believe that similar to culture, that sustained favorable business results can only be achieved when an organization has this adaptive capacity as an ingrained part of its DNA.

Business System that Works for ALL

Now more than ever in this increasingly complex, interdependent and fast moving world, leaders must have a deep appreciation for Systems thinking.

Businesses responding to this Reset Economy must also get back to ensuring that the business system is in balance and works for all stakeholders. Short term thinking and decisions that are excessively biased towards one stakeholder group will not work over time. The growth trajectory in the economy is less steep than before and everyone must be engaged if sustained success is to follow.

At BVG we provide thought leadership and leading edge service offerings to help Executives and their teams to ensure that their entire business system is designed to work in balanced harmony and works for all stakeholders. These include Customers, Employees, Shareholders, Suppliers and the extended community touched by all these groups. Additionally many businesses must re-examine the source of their Intrinsic Value and learn new ways to create even more value and deliver it on a consistent, differentiated and sustained basis. When they do, their business will endure.