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Royce is President of our sister Division called Business Value Logistics. Royce has over 30 years of Transportation and Logistics experience and began his career as an Air Freight forwarder. He has become exceptionally competent in the global Logistics and Transportation arena and understands the industry from the inside out. Royce is a very progressive supply chain thinker and strives to apply his learning and expertise to the supply and value chains where the velocity,complexity and cost changes become ever more burdensome to many in the manufacturing, service or distribution industry.

 As Business Value Group works with differing organizations whether it is via turnarounds or restructures, we endeavor to have available best in class offerings in as many areas that we feel  is of value to the client.

In leveraging off our deep operations and supply chain expertise, Royce and Patrick have travelled the world (including spending extensive time in China, Malaysia, Mexico, Eastern and Western Europe and Brazil). During those trips they have analysed countless industry specialist companies and have established partnership relationships under a division called Business Value Logistics.

We help you save and RECOVER costs by helping you manage the phenomenon below better.

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