Case Study: 5 Keys to Ford Success

It is really important to read our entire paper to get a better feel for the context of these conclusions as managing a turnaround such as the one at Ford is complex and alot of hard work. It is not replicable by simply getting the top 5 reasons for their success simply trying to apply them. While many are transferable and leveragable, every company must do their own work and find their own path.

Ford’s Top 5

  1. Leadership… Set the tone at the top, behavior is consistent with message and everyone is held accountable to the same standard.
  2. Customer/Market Focus…Know what business you are in, commit to be the best (highest Quality/Service) at it and give the Customer what they want, NOT what you would like them to or think they want.
  3. Standardized Open system of Work…Implement global standard processes that are the best for the company regardless of where or who developed them.
  4. Culture/Teamwork...Create an environment where people can make the difference, be a part of and openly/freely contribute to the improvement movement where the vision, purpose and goals are clear and everyone is aligned and committed to them.
  5. Prudent strategic business planning… Practice sensible financial planning and commitment to strategic long range thinking.



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