Case Study: Ford Story

This section is dedicated to some of the lessons learned from the study of the Ford Motor Company Turnaround that is outlined in our paper, available for download on the left hand side bar.

It has been said that it is a wise man that learns from his experiences, but that it is an even wiser man that learns from the experiences of others. So it is, with the Ford Motor Company turnaround.

Our study was validated by Alan Mulally the CEO of Ford as being remarkably accurate and that no other report comes remotely close to grasping the understanding of why they have been so successful.

Our goal is that we can be of service and help to others that want to replicate what Ford has achieved.

With all of the challenges facing US industry and very specifically the US Automotive Industry which really is one of the bed rocks of society for the Mid-West of the US, we felt that the success that Ford has had really needed to be examined so that others may be able to learn from it.

Synopsis :

  • Highly leveraged company with massive debt
  • Extremely competitive market
  • Very complex industry/company with multiple brands
  • Biggest recession since the Great Depression comes 2 years after work began with new CEO
  • Never took bailout money from the Government
  • Executed a masterful Turnaround that showed an 880 % increase in company valuation from 2008 to 2011

We submitted a survey to the 2000 + Ford employees (past and present) on the professional networking site Linked In, where we asked 5 questions about their experience before, during and after the transformational change that was conducted. We spent nine months analyzing the results from a representative sample and turned it into a this management report or white paper.

We would love to connect with you in you have an interest in us supporting you in any organizational change that you may be embarking in your company.


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