Case Study: Formula for Success for others

Patrick and Tony have just completed their work on a new Balanced Stakeholder System in the form of a white paper called Business Worth Doing. 

While not very well publicized Ford installed and operated Balanced Stakeholder Business Management System. So the success achieved by Ford is possible by others also, and part of the solution is outlined in our paper which is in pre-publicaiton mode only and only being made available for a short period of time.

Click here to download the full paper.

Please have a read of it and contact and join with us as we endeavor to provide some guidance and support for helping to build businesses using this management system architecture. We believe that it is crucial in restoring capitalism to the way it was originally intended. Another way of looking at this is UNLEARNING CAPITALISM the way it has been practiced in the past 20-30 years.

Below is our Business Worth doing Continuum which is similar to a maturity curve for businesses embarking on the journey of using the Balanced Stakeholder System approach.



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