Business Excellence

A Day of Inter-dependence vs Independence

As a newly minted US Citizen I feel particularly more patriotic on this national holiday of July 4th. After returning from a business trip to Europe where I visited Poland during the European Soccer Championship Finals, Euro 2012, I gave witness to the palpable energy and pride as citizens of varying nations embraced and celebrated…

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The Current Crisis of H.P. and the way forward !!

As a long time supplier, partner and customer of H.P. and a great admirer of this companies past history and success, I find it difficult to sit and watch what has been happening over the past number of years. Rather than embark on a judgemental crusade and criticize the varying leadership of the past regimes (including…

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Transformational Change part II..Competencies and Conditions

In continuation to the previous Blog on what transformational change is, this Blog speaks to the conditions and competencies necessary to effectively execute a transformational change. Unfortunately, more often than not, transformational change is only embarked upon as a last resort when all else has failed. It often coincides with the capitulation point where people…

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