Are you Selling or Telling?

Over the past few recent years we have been supporting the growth and development of many clients. During countless engagements and discussions about the reasons why strategic initiatives falter, I began to notice a very frequent disconnect around the association and connection between decision making and the related communication. The disconnect centers on two things:…

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Self-Interest – A vital ingredient of Capitalism

A capitalist system cannot survive, not to mention thrive, WITHOUT a leader’s intrinsic drive to pursue their own self-interest. I have witnessed and participated in many debates and arguments about this term down through my career. I have often seen people in spirited arguments with each other, using very blunt language. In most cases the…

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People actually do like change !

Much has been written and will continue to be about the importance of change management proficiency. Proponents of certain models, methodologies or philosophies often speak of people’s resistance to change and how people do not like getting out of their comfort zone. The thing is, I believe that we have all been drinking the ‘People don’t…

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